We like to believe that not all interior design companies are created equal. In fact, at all levels, designing with flair and passion is what we do best.

* interior consultancy *construction & renovation *illustration services *project management and participating in turnkey and tender in corporate offices * clubhouses *retail outlets *amusement arcades *food & beverage outlets * integrated resort development and residential projects.

Our team consists of experienced Interior Designer, Project Managers, Site Co-ordinators and Supervisors

To execute and manage projects that are as aesthetic as they are functional. Customer satisfaction is paramount: Quality finishes, timely completion of projects within deadlines and (most importantly!) within the projected budget are the norm of our daily dealings.

Little wonder than that with a reputation that precedes our us, we have to our credit, registered interior contractors and consultants that have worked with Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia, Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor, Malaysia Airports Berhad, Affin Bank and CIDB.


Schematic Design Phase

  1. Client's

Schematic Design Phase

  1. Client's requirement and briefing on details
  2. Site investigation studies
  3. Preparation of design concept, artist impression, sketches & images
  4. Preparation of furniture layout plan
  5. Preparation of preliminary material used
  6. Preparation of estimated budget
  7. Approval of layout plan design concept, material sample

Design Development Phase

Preparation of detailed and construction drawing for:

  1. Partition, door & window schedule
  2. Furniture & fixture indication plan
  3. M&E point indication plan
  4. Reflected ceiling plan / M&E location
    a. Lighting location plan only
    • circuit layout only
    • selection of fittings

    b. Air-condition & ventilation location plan only
    • selection of fittings
    • location of aircondition diffuser only

    c. Fire fighting location plan only
    d. Ceiling design & material specification
    • detail section
  5. Floor finishes plan
    • material specification
    • section detail
    • color scheme
  6. Wall finishes plan
    • material specification
  7. Elevation
    • material specification
    • detail section
  8. Detail of loose & built-in furniture & fixture
    • material specification
    • detail section
  9. Compilation of selected fittings & furniture


  • Corporate Office Starting from USD 3 per sg. ft
  • Residential Starting from USD 5 per sg. ft
  • Retail Starting from USD 5 per sg. ft
  • Restaurant/Cafe/Bar Starting from USD 6 per sg. ft